Plastic Free July in the Face of COVID-19

The spirit of Plastic Free July seems lost as reliance on plastics and single-use materials have intensified during the time of the coronavirus crisis. The reality is that we are more dependent on plastics now more than ever before and efforts to slow this down are not being viewed as a priority in the midst of a global pandemic. With crises seemingly more pressing at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the cataclysm of climate change isn’t receiving the dire attention it deserves. 

The onus should be on large corporations and governments to curtail the culture of consumption and waste that burdens our planet. However, there are actions that we can take as individuals to reduce our impact while we wait for system-wide ecological responsibility measures to be put in place. Living in harmony with the earth will encourage those around us and the larger community to adopt more conscious living behaviors. Adopting simple practices such as: bringing your own utensils, plates, and glassware, using a reusable water bottle, disposing of waste correctly through recycling or composting, purchasing in bulk whenever possible, and growing your own food, are examples of ways that we can feel good about the choices we make in our daily lives. 

Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle should not have to be hard and it does not have to be all or nothing either. Start by introducing small changes into your daily life one by one until eventually, they become second nature. We should feel good about the decisions that we make because we know they will not have a lasting negative impact on the planet. We live in a society that prioritizes profit above all else, no matter the cost; to continue down this path is to surrender ourselves to the desolation of the earth. It is very clear that we are pushing nature beyond its brink and that we are disrupting natural systems beyond repair. By committing to integrating more environmentally conscious choices into our daily lives we are posing our resistance to the vicious cycle of consumption and waste. 

Right now, everyone’s thoughts are consumed by the pandemic that is affecting so many around the globe. Although it does not seem like it, this COVID-19 crisis will eventually reach some form of resolve and all we'll be left with are declining ecosystems, increased environmental disasters, depleted resources, and displaced people. 

Join the resistance and let Plastic Free July be a reminder to us all that when the global pandemic comes to an end the climate crisis will live on. That is the battle that we must all continue to fight together. Stay strong, healthy, and safe during these uncertain times.

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