5 Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Are you new to green living? Perhaps you have already begun your journey to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. These are 5 easy suggestions that anyone can incorporate into their life. 


Green on-the-go. 

Ordering take-out can be a great option, especially as we try to support local businesses during this difficult time. However, the waste that is produced every time we order food to-go is excessive and can be reduced. While it may be challenging to avoid the plastic or styrofoam containers that the food comes in, bringing reusable cutlery can reduce our dependence on disposable plastic cutlery that inevitably ends up in landfills. Similarly, by bringing a metal or bamboo straw we can tell our servers to forgo giving us a single-use plastic straw because we have brought our own. Bringing a water canteen or travel mug  with us when we are out and about is also a simple way to reduce the need to purchase plastic water bottles or to use disposable coffee cups. Taking these matters into our own hands is an effective way to be more responsible consumers as we try to do our part in navigating the trials and tropes of living in an increasingly wasteful society. 


A more eco-friendly hygiene routine. 

For many of us our hygiene routine can be a source of a lot of waste. The simple act of brushing our teeth can have an astronomical impact on our planet. On average, 1 billion toothbrushes are thrown out each year in the U.S alone, that’s enough to stretch around the planet 4 times. Add to this all of the cotton swabs, floss, toilet paper, cotton face pads and countless product bottles that are disposed of and the amount of waste produced in our bathrooms alone piles up very quickly. By integrating more eco-friendly alternatives into our personal hygiene routines we can each do our part to reduce this impact. Choosing to use a toothbrush made from more sustainable material is a great place to start. Bamboo toothbrushes can be made compostable by removing the nylon bristles at the end of its life lifecycle. Another major source of bathroom waste is floss, which usually comes in cardboard and plastic packaging and is encased in a plastic cartridge. More eco-friendly options are not always readily available at your local drugstore, but luckily Reusibly has got you covered! Our biodegradable floss comes in a glass case and refills can be ordered regularly through our subscription program. We also offer bamboo cotton swabs which are a great alternative to the conventional plastic ones. Think about keeping a compost bin in your bathroom for easy disposal!


Green your beauty routine. 

Making ourselves feel more beautiful should not be at the expense of the planet. There are small changes that we can make in our beauty routines that will help to lessen our burden on our planet. For instance, by using reusable cotton pads instead of single-use disposable ones we can negate creating more waste. People who take their beauty care commitment to the planet very seriously can opt to make their own beauty products from ingredients purchased from their local bulk shops or online. Additionally, by unplugging any hot tools or beauty care appliances when we are done using them we can avoid wasting excess energy when not in use. 


Commuting can be good for you and the planet. 

One’s daily commute can be a huge detriment to the planet. Private transport continues to be a growing source of emissions each year. We have the ability to choose alternative modes of transportation that can be not only better for us as individuals but also better for the planet. Choosing to bike, walk, run, or rollerblade to work are all options that are proven to boost our physical and mental health. If the distance of one’s commute is too great, options like carpooling or car-sharing are great alternatives that are shown to reduce the number of overall cars on the road. 


Save money and the planet. 

Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle can have the added benefit of being more economical too! Using reusable goods reduces the need to keep purchasing disposable products. Making your own beauty, self-care, and cleaning products can often be cheaper when ingredients can be purchased in bulk and can last you a long time. One can try saving food scraps in a food-safe container in the freezer to make a delicious vegetable stock. These are just a few tips that can help reduce one’s need to go out and purchase more goods. When in need of new items a great option is to go second-hand. Thrift stores are always filled with affordable goods from clothing, appliances, furniture, books, music, games and so much more. Online trading or selling platforms are also an amazing resource when looking to get rid of or acquire items. Websites like Kijiji, Craigslist and Facebook marketplace make selling and buying used goods a breeze. Similarly, Bunz and other trading apps enable bartering that negate the limitations of capital currency. 


The decisions we make in our daily lives will ultimately make the difference between curbing the effects of climate change or continuing down a path of entropy. Together we have the power to be better humans and to live in a more harmonious way with the planet.

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